As part of Dr. Chad Raymond’s UNV 101 course, students of the Class of 2020 visited the Refugee Dream Center in Providence and discovered new perspective on the worldwide humanitarian crisis of displaced peoples fleeing unimaginable conditions.

This video received Gold recognition at the 2017 AVA Digital Awards. The AVA Digital Awards is an international competition presented by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals that recognizes outstanding work in digital communication.


There are many struggles that refugees and asylum seekers face, but what about those who are the minority within the minority? This multi-faceted group of minorities consists of refugees who identify with the LGBT community. By mixing together two already marginalized groups, LGBT refugees see a different side to asylum. Being a refugee is an extremely vulnerable action, so when seeking refuge, no one wants to believe that their new home will all ostracize them. In many instances, this is the case. Omar Bah, founder of the Refugee Dream Center in Providence, explains how this vulnerability is amplified for LGBT asylum seekers.


Documentary short created by Elizabeth Beaty on the Refugee Dream Center.

2017-02-28 CORVESE OFFICE 09

Omar Bah speaks about inclusion and what it means to be a welcoming State.