The Adult Education Program includes a Job Readiness class, English literacy, and a special English-language course for Syrian refugee women. Classes are designed to support adult refugees in attaining self-sufficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing English. The courses employ a curriculum focused on interpersonal English language, crucial job skills and vocabulary, and related to U.S. history and civics. Since the learner proficiency levels vary immensely, differentiated instructions serve the unique needs of each participant.

Two sets of classes are held on Wednesday afternoons, from 4-6pm, and from 6-8pm respectively. They are supported both by ESL professionals and volunteers from surrounding high schools and colleges. At present, we serve a combined total of 25 students weekly whose ages range from 18 to 65, hailing from varying ethno-linguistic backgrounds and duration of time in the United States. We offer rolling admissions and on-site childcare for participants with children. All of our programming is free for community members, as we operate solely on grant-funding and individual donations.